Valorant Revear 2.0 Bundle Coming Soon, New Leaks Suggest


Could the Reaver 2.0 actually be happening?

One of Valorant’s most popular and beloved skin lines might be making a huge comeback if a host of rumors that are currently swirling across social media prove accurate. The Reaver 2.0 bundle appears as though it’s on the horizon after a new set of leaked images surfaced online, and have since been validated by one or two well-known leakers.

The bundle is said to feature the following weapon skins:

  • Reaver Ghost
  • Reaver Specter
  • Reaver Odin
  • Reaver Phantom
  • Reaver Karambit

That’s according to @henning on Twitter, who originally posted several images of the bundle over the weekend, and they certainly look authentic:

Image source: Riot Games via @henning @xtr_cs @ZzLamZ

Two of the images – the Odin and Phantom – actually one or two weeks ago and weren’t given much credence by the community, but it seems now they might have been more official than many realized. Now, with the Ghost, Spectre, and Karambit images also appearing, the Reaver 2.0 looks as though it may indeed be real.

Valorant Reaver 2.0 bundle
Image source: Riot Games via @henning @xtr_cs @ZzLamZ

Well-known Valorant dataminer ValorLeaks seems pretty confident in their latest Tweet that the bundle is absolutely real and coming within the next month:

Of course, do keep in mind that none of this is official; Riot Games has not confirmed the Reaver 2.0 bundle, and even if it does prove accurate the images above may not be the final artwork.

Reaver 2.0 Valorant Bundle Release Date

Again, the Valorant Reaver 2.0 bundle isn’t confirmed officially yet and so we don’t have any concrete date for its launch. That being said, leakers believe it is either coming at the launch of the next patch in two weeks’ time or the start of the new Act in four weeks’ time.

We’ll keep you posted as and when we hear more. Until then, read up on the Chamber nerfs that have gone live on Valorant’s Public Beta Environment servers.

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