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Last updated: August 18th, 2022 at 12:39 UTC+02:00

Samsung’s new Galaxy Watch 5 series brings several upgrades over the 2021 lineup, and one of the most exciting improvements lies in the bigger batteries with faster charging. Instead of topping out at 5W, the new Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro support 10W wireless charging. And since we have both the Galaxy Watch 5 (40mm) and the Watch 5 Pro in our possession, we thought we should put Samsung’s wireless charging claims to the test.

Samsung claims that the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro can recharge 35% of its generous 590mAh battery in 30 minutes. Meanwhile, the company says that the standard Galaxy Watch 5 can reach 45% battery charge in the same amount of time.

We tested the Galaxy Watch 5 (40mm) and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro charging speeds in a new YouTube video which you can find below. Since neither smartwatch ships with a wall charger, we attached the enclosed charging puck to an official 45W Samsung charger. Even so, keep in mind that the batteries are still limited to 10W, so using a 45W charger instead of a 15W or 25W shouldn’t make a difference.

Galaxy Watch 5 battery charging test results

In our test, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro reached a battery charge of 0-to-30% in half an hour, while the smaller Watch 5 (40mm) topped a 36% battery charge within the same time window. It is a bit disappointing that both smartwatches fell short of Samsung’s claims, but as you’re about to see, they’ve performed well enough.

At the 60-minute mark, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro gained a 55% battery charge, while the smaller model reached a whopping 85%. In fact, the Galaxy Watch 5 (40mm) battery got fully recharged in a little under 90 minutes, while the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro stood at 78% at the 90-minute mark. The Pro model achieved 100% battery charge in about 2 hours and 9 minutes.

The new Galaxy Watch 5 series performs admirably, thanks to the 10W wireless charging upgrade. Keep in mind that, according to Samsung, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro should offer up to 80 hours of usage on a full charge, while the standard model should last for about 50 hours. A charging time between an hour and a half and two hours for two to three days of usage is not a bad trade.

Check out our Galaxy Watch 5 charging test video below for a closer look at how the two Samsung smartwatches perform, and feel free to let us know if these results satisfy you or fall below your expectations.

SamsungGalaxy Watch 5 Pro

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SamsungGalaxy Watch 5

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