Man sends photo to daughter after meeting ‘someone’ famous. Leaves internet in splits

Across the world, fans would go to any end to meet theirs favorite celebrities. However, in some rare instances, their parents or family members end up meeting those very celebs without knowing how popular they are.

A similar thing happened with a woman when she learned that her father had met a famous person. A woman with the username @noeyhodges posted on Twitter that her father had texted her about meeting someone famous. When she asked her father for the celebrity’s name, he replied that he didn’t know his name but sent her a picture.

The famous celebrity turned out to be British singer-songwriter Harry Styles. The former One Direction bandmate was seen posing with her father at a golf course.

“My dad was like “I met a guy today apparently he’s pretty famous” I’m like “cool, who” he like “idk his name” then sends a picture. Tell me why it’s harry styles lol,” she wrote in the tweet alongside the photo on August 16.

See the post below:

The tweet has received more than 5.38 lakh likes making it viral. Netizens saw the funny side of the story and replied to the tweet in a hilarious way.

“Tell me why I thought your dad was the famous person and I zoomed in to try and figure out who he was Hahhahaha,” wrote a Twitter user.

Another user shared how the same thing happened with his father as he shared his dad’s photo with actor Oscar Isaac.

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