Internet Urges Parent to Kick Out Jobless 28-Year-Old Son on ‘Rent Strike’

The internet has collectively told a parent to kick out their “lazy” son after he declared he would go on a “rent strike.”

In a viral post shared on the UK-based discussion website Mumsnet, which can be seen here, user England explained that they have two children, a daughter, 24, and a 28-year-old son who lives at home.

The Mumsnet user added that their son is an unemployed, matriculation student and suspects that he might have dropped out as he has not attended since February.

They said: “DS [dear son] says his rent is unfair. He pays £350 [$428] for a large double room. He gets meals cooked for him most nights (he doesn’t like some of our meals, so opts for takeaway a couple of times a week).

Stock image of a mother having an argument with her son. The internet has collectively told a parent to kick out their “lazy” son after he declared he would go on a “rent strike.”

“Does zero housework, just locks himself in his room playing video games 99 percent of the time.”

According to Statista, the average monthly rent for a two-bedroom apartment in the US reached $1,295 in February 2022, which increased from $1,100 the year before.

It also found that people wanting to afford a two-bedroom apartment in California needed an hourly wage of $37, double the average wage in North Carolina and three times the wage in Arkansas.

The user later explained her daughter, who works an hour away in London, in southeast England, pays no rent, but that she does the shopping, household chores, pet expenses, and cooks five times a week.

The poster continued: “DS is now on rent strike until DD is charged the same amount. He also complains we cook food he doesn’t like, such as fish which forces him to pay extra for takeaways (we have told him he could offer to uy food and cook [for] himself).”

Since being shared on Sunday, the post has attracted more than 159 responses. Many of those who commented on the post encouraged the parent to kick out the gamer son.

One Mumsnet user said: “Definitely kick DS out. He’s a lazy a*** and is going to make someone as*** a partner if he doesn’t learn soon.

“You really are taking advantage of DD [dear daughter] although, even if she does want to do things. Charge her rent, rather than her paying for shopping, but not so much rent since she does so much other stuff. You could put a value on everything so that you can ‘justify’ it.”

Another added: “DS doesn’t appear to be a mature student so much as an overgrown teenage gamer who is contributing nothing to the household other than a heavily subsidized token rent. If I was your DD I would be getting very resentful.”

While a third posted: “Rent strike? Time this uncooperative overgrown bird left the nest, with a firm push.”

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