Internet Goes Bananas Over Woman Using Food As Make-Up in New Viral Trend

TikTok has given us many beauty trends over the past six years, peanut butter nails, nose shrinking, and the trick of pouring your foundation in a glass of water for extra hydration.

With many people making an effort to live in a more sustainable way lately, is it any wonder that the trend of using fruit as make up has hit it off on TikTok, with over 24 million views on the hashtag? The challenge was reportedly started by Ukrainian user @molchanovamua, who originally suggested using fruit in this way to create a 100% natural look.

The trend has been picked up and tried by many users and beauty influencers alike, with make up aficionado Gabrielle Alexis trying it out with over 19 million views entitled, “I’m impressed”.

In the video, Gabrielle can be seen brandishing a banana, a cherry and a blackberry, applying them to her face instead of makeup. She chars the stalk of the banana to achieve a smoky eye look and lip liner, bites the cherry in half and applies blush and eyeshadow, and uses the blackberry as lip tint.

The results? A subtle, natural look, without the chemicals or price tag.

The Fruit Challenge

This innovative way of getting your five a day has delighted users online due to its sustainability, but also the fact that it does seem to actually work.

Website One Green Planet who describe themselves as, “your online guide to making conscious and compassionate choices that help people, animals and the planet”, also advocate incorporating fruit into your beauty regime.

“While many brands advertise themselves as being ‘natural’ or even ‘organic’, the truth is, many of these labels are false in terms of their truly natural ingredient list and seemingly healthy profile,” explains the site, “Then there’s the reaction to the chemicals in beauty products many people face. Eyes watering, rashes, dry skin, sneezing, oily breakouts — these might all be a reaction to a product you are using and can even lead to swelling, hives, and even headaches if you’ re highly chemical-sensitive.”

An innovative new technique. Stock Image. A viral trend for using fruit as make up has got users talking online.
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They also suggest blackberries, recommending using fresh fruit, or lightly thawing a frozen one and rubbing it on your lips as a natural stain, “It also won’t dry your lips out and as a bonus, adds a nice dose of antioxidants directly to your skin!”

Equally a fresh or frozen cherry can make a great blush alternative, “. To make a blush with cherries, use a couple of frozen cherries and let them thaw. Then, dab your index and middle finger of your predominant hand in the juice, and dip just slightly enough to get some color on them. Dab on your cheeks and rub in a circular motion, just enough to add a touch of color. If you get too much, don’t worry; it dabs right off, but will also naturally set in your skin after a few seconds so you won’t have to worry about it rubbing off later.”

The technique of charring a banana stem to create eyeliner is arguably no different to a charcoal pen, and could easily work with other fruit stems like apples and pears if banana isn’t your favorite. But, be sure to make certain that the heat has completely subsided before you apply it to your face!

Other fruit stems – apple, pear – but be sure to put it out though roughly first and don’t burn yourself!

Fruit makeup
Trending. Stock Image. Those looking for a more sustainable way of living have flocked to try this new technique.
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Fairy Makeup

The technique delighted users online, with one person commenting, “This is how fairies do it”, with over 70 thousand likes. One user said, “The cherry tint is key”, while another wrote, “The cherry worked beautifully”.

Some people were concerned that applying fresh fruit on their faces would result in a sticky mess, “Imagine how sticky that would get”, said one user while another commented, “Waiting on the wasps be like…”.

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