Tredence bets on $30 billion data migration and modernization market

The strategic direction expands the company’s vision to enable end-to-end data asset transformation, including innovative multi-cloud data migration and modernization solutions.

Bangalore, India, August 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Tredence Inc., a leading provider of data science solutions focused on solving the last mile of artificial intelligence, announced capacity development investments and partnerships to expand and strengthen its “data in the cloud” migration and modernization solutions solutions to accelerate data delivery of AI outcomes to its enterprise customers.

Every enterprise data modernization program brings its own set of characteristics and challenges that must be addressed on a case-by-case basis. Siloed data locked in legacy systems and outdated modernization and analytics methods are major barriers to becoming an insight-driven organization.

Tredence is relentlessly focused on delivering business transformational value to the industry, accelerating data migration through advanced enterprise-grade multi-cloud cross-platform data and analytics migration and modern solutions that leverage the highest degree of AI-led automation. The company accelerates end-to-end integrated data management across the entire data lifecycle, including data discovery, reengineering, migration, data and application modernization, quality improvement, governance, privacy and data democratization.

The three steps of this strategy are:

  1. speed of action A modern accelerator for management across the data lifecycle with AI-enabled data and analytics migration. This includes data platform discovery, data discovery, data migration, data cataloging, data enrichment, and data quality.
  2. speed of scale By leveraging its strategic partnerships with all major cloud hyperscale providers and data and artificial intelligence platform ISVs. The company recently partnered with Bladebridge to transform its customers’ data state, cloud infrastructure, and offer a suite of data and AI products.
  3. Speed ​​to value By leveraging its innovative solutions to accelerate data migration and modernization timeframes, Tredence expects to leverage its fast industry solutions and accelerators to reduce overall data asset conversion costs and deliver conversion value faster. Tredence spends 5% of its revenue on research and development. The company’s AI Innovation Center of Excellence currently employs more than 100 data scientists and engineers working on industry and functional accelerators.

The triple approach enables Tredence to take advantage of $30 billion data migration and modernization market and accelerate the return on investment of data assets for all its enterprise customers in a seamless end-to-end motion.

“Enterprises are challenged to predict new customer behavior and are constantly evaluating, refining and updating their analytical models. Trendence is investing heavily in capacity development for enterprises to build ‘data in the cloud’ solutions. To that end, we are working with an ecosystem of partners systems to build migration and modernization strategies and solutions that transform businesses into insight-driven organizations,” Sumit MehraCTO and co-founder, Tredence.

“Today, every business relies on real-time data and insights to remain agile and competitive in a very dynamic global business environment. However, for most businesses, without clear, effective data modernization, insight is Generation and last-mile adoption remain pipedream strategies. Our data migration and modernization solutions remove the complexities of data transformation and dramatically reduce time-to-value, running a modern data platform on the cloud,” said Sumandra MohantiChief Strategy Officer and Chief Innovation Officer, Trendence.

Tredence was recently named a 2022 Retail and CPG (Consumer Goods) Partner of the Year and a 2022 Microsoft Analytics Partner by Databricks, highlighting the transformative value of data and AI it delivers to all enterprise customers.

About Tredence Inc.

Tredence is a global data science solutions provider focused on solving last mile problems in AI. The “last mile” is the gap between insight creation and value realization. Headquartered in San Jose, the firm employs a vertical-first approach and results-driven mindset to help clients win and accelerate time-to-value for their analytics investments. Tredence is a great place to get a job certification and is a “Leader” in The Forrester Wave: Customer Analytics Services. With more than 1,700 employees and offices in San Jose, Foster City, Chicago, London, Toronto and Bangalore, Tredence’s clients include the largest companies in retail, CPG, high tech, telecommunications, healthcare, travel and industrial.

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