This Minecraft update is entirely in the mind of AI

Minecraft updates are usually an exciting time for players, but this one was actually created entirely by artificial intelligence. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen AI being used to play sandbox games, but it’s the first time AI has been used to create exciting — and game-breaking — new features.

SystemZee, you may remember their excellent ocean redesign, thought it would be interesting to have the AI ​​design the updates that they and their team would implement. After a simple first suggestion was given in the video for making the table (below), things got even quirkier.

While wishing wells that give players random items when you throw emeralds are nice, our personal favorite is the Lava Bow – the arrows it shoots will stay behind the lava block. While this sounds like fun, it’s actually a game-ending weapon that can accidentally destroy an entire area — and your PC — in seconds. Beautiful though. We all want to touch lava, right?

Oh, and the name of the update is Minecraft: World Domination. Try not to think about it too long, because it’s not a Floyd blunder, but more of a statement of intent, because the AI ​​also figured that out. The name definitely has something to do with some of the strange and more damaging additions in this fake update. Also, if your toaster looks funny, it might be plotting against you.

In other update-related news, despite being official, Mojang will stick with their new chat moderation tool despite some rebates from fans.

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