Sanford, Dandelion Health Launches Clinical AI Development Platform

Sanford Health is partnering with New York startup Dandelion Health to benefit patients and physicians through the use of artificial intelligence.

Dandelion Health’s new product development platform will use clinical patient data to build artificial intelligence products that will aid medical decision-making and improve diagnostics and drug development.

Sanford is one of two health systems partnering with Dandelion, the other being Sharp HealthCare in San Diego.

“We believe our partnership with Dandelion and Sharp will strengthen the way we deliver care and improve lives,” said Kent Lehr, chief business development officer at Sanford, in a press release.

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Dandelion aims to connect with a total of five health system partners representing rural and urban populations across the country.

“Sanford Health serves diverse populations across our 250,000-square-mile footprint, with two-thirds of patients living in rural areas,” Lehr said. “It is critical that all patients, no matter where they live, should Included in the data because and access to modern healthcare. “

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