Nuance and Covera Launch National Radiology Quality Care Program to Foster Large-Scale Collaboration Between Payers and Providers

August 18, 2022 – Covera Health, Inc. and Nuance Communications, Inc., leading diagnostic intelligence companies, today launched the Quality Care Collaborative (QCC), the first to bring together payers, providers and self-insured employers The national program together supports a large-scale radiology quality improvement program. QCC joins Covera’s Clinical Intelligence Platform and Nuance’s Precision Imaging Network, enabling providers, payers and employers to work together in a trusted and secure environment for long-term, sustainable quality improvement programs, peer learning programs and value-based Nursing work.

With Covera’s Patient Safety Organization (PSO) accredited by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), clinicians have the option to share data with and gain insights from QCC to improve the quality of care in a safe and trusted environment. PSO data is enhanced to prevent detection and limit any sharing with payers. All radiology practices in participating payer networks can opt-in to QCC at no cost to seamlessly access a growing suite of quality analysis and clinically validated AI tools to enhance existing quality improvement programs. Participating payers and self-insured employers can achieve higher quality and better outcomes for their member populations and achieve the best value for their healthcare dollars.

QCC builds a workflow-integrated infrastructure that enables radiologists to access quality analysis and improve diagnostic accuracy with trusted, widely deployed technical support. Powered by Microsoft Azure, Nuance Precision Imaging Network delivers integrated workflow, AI-generated insights at scale across the continuum of care. It is built on the Nuance PowerScribe radiology reporting solution used by 80% of U.S. radiologists, the Nuance PowerShare image sharing solution connected to more than 10,000 medical institutions, and Nuance’s artificial intelligence cloud infrastructure, which supports the first Tripartite Diagnostic Imaging AI’s entire ecosystem of services is integrated into clinical workflows.

“The services we are able to offer through Nuance represent a paradigm shift in the collaborative effort of payers, self-insured employers and providers to improve the quality of care for their members, staff and patients,” said Ron Vianu, co-founder and CEO of Covera Health . “At the same time, the ability to deliver AI-based quality insights on-demand and at scale in clinical workflows fundamentally enhances the way AI is used in radiology to improve patient outcomes.”

Walmart is the first major employer to join the QCC. “We are excited about the collaboration between Covera and Nuance and its positive impact on improving the quality of care for all and improving health equity by increasing access to quality care in local communities,” said Lisa Woods, Walmart’s Responsible Body and Mind. vice president.

“The Quality Care Collaborative is a great example of how we and our provider clients can leverage our precision imaging network and our national scale in radiology to uniquely impact patient care,” said Peter Durlach, Chief Strategy Officer, Nuance Communications. .” . “This is an AHRQ-accredited patient safety program that, at its discretion, provides radiologists with additional AI-driven quality insights into their local workflows to help them continue to provide the highest level of patient care, helping combat the The commodification of radiology, while “knowing that their data is protected. Nuance and Covera are working with providers, payers and employers across the country to deliver the best possible outcomes for their patients, members and employees. ”

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