AI Fashion and Fashion in Metaverse

Space Runners is creating designs for the Metaverse.

provided by the designer

Space runners may be next to reign supreme

Do Decentraland wearables make you want more than a crypto company logo tee and basic hoodie to complement your Metaverse look? Space Runners is the first NFT virtual world fashion brand​​ and the largest independent fashion project on the blockchain that prioritizes design and portability (for any virtual world of your choice). The company, co-founded last year by former McKinsey consultants Won Soh and Deniz Özgür, leverages sneaker culture to offer owners benefits like game tickets and signed merchandise by subtly partnering with NBA stars. This year, thanks in part to a major funding round co-led by Polychain and Pantera Capital, the goal is to perfect both digital and physical apparel offerings (spacesuits!) and become the go-to market for Metaverse fashion brands​​​​​​ online shopping experience. Creative director Rohan Chhabra, a veterinarian at Nike and Ralph Lauren, “is always excited because Metaverse design is limitless. You’re no longer limited by physics,” says Soh. “Some of the wearables we’re currently designing for our second and third generation series, like our rocket booster sneakers, are designed for flight. Others will become pets.”

space runner

Greedy look by avatar and artificial intelligence artist Tilda.

Photo by Jonas Gustavsson/Happy Monday

AI Design at New York Fashion Week Tags

Two years after Hanifa designer Anifa Mvuemba rocked Fashion Month with her 3D digital runway show, designers continue to seek new ways to push boundaries, not only in how they present their work, but also in their creative process. Enter Younhee Park for Korean brand Greedilous, who teamed up with Tilda, an LG-created virtual and AI artist specializing in graphic design, for her Fall 2022 show at New York Fashion Week. No overflowing mood boards, just two words: flower and VenusFrom there, Tilda created hundreds of patterns that inspired the collection’s bold prints and sparked the interest of Miley Cyrus. Park gave her collaborators another nod by giving her models brightly colored short-hair wigs that resembled Tilda’s own hair, an extension of the Metaverse’s vibrant, futuristic aesthetic. “When I was introduced to Tilda, I immediately saw the potential in her work,” Park said. “It’s like a glove in my fashion philosophy. I’m very excited about how it turned out.”

tega akinola

Shoe design by Tega Akinola.

provided by the designer

Prodigy upgrades Jurassic tech

Like many pandemic-era graduates, UK-based Tega Akinola isn’t sure what the near-term job prospects are. But over the past year, her coveted upcycled accessories—often made from outdated tech and created at home with the help of her seamstress mother—have been for the unlikely designer ( She studies exercise and exercise psychology) offered a full-time job. “I didn’t consciously think about sustainability,” Akinola said. “Upcycled was something I had to do because I didn’t have the money to buy new stuff.” Her first and most challenging pieces included a bucket hat and chunky-heeled sandals made from discarded cables, which caused caught the attention of APOC Store founders Ying Suen (who is also her main mentor) and Jules Volleberg. Requests for bespoke pieces flooded through Instagram, and Swedish singer Snoh ​​Aalegra is a fan of Akinola’s bags made from second-hand fleece clothing, with their logo intact. Since many of Akinola’s raw materials come from sustainability-conscious brands like Nike and Patagonia (not to mention her interest in sports), the collaboration seemed natural. Lord’s hope.

This article appears in the August 2022 issue of ELLE.


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