I do business stuff, Olympia staff, but I don’t do Serena stuff

Serena Williams reveals she has figured out a way of how to handle her business responsibilities and take care of her daughter Olympia but admits she has yet to figure out the balance of how to prioritize herself. During a conversation with Selena Gomez for mental health platform “Wondermind,” Williams discussed the importance of mental fitness.

“It’s hard! It’s not easy, that’s why I said I can do better, because do all this stuff: I do my work and then VC (venture capital) stuff and then do Olympia stuff, my daughter, but I don’t do Serena stuff.

And I’m still trying to figure out the balance of how to prioritize myself,” Williams said during a conversation with Selena Gomez, per Sportskeeda.

Williams set to focus on business

Last week, Williams revealed her plans to retire from professional tennis at this year’s US Open.

Once her tennis career comes to an end, Williams plans to focus on business and family. In her piece for Vogue, Williams revealed that she and her husband are hoping to welcome a second child in the near future. “I’m super disciplined in tennis.

And, without trying to pontificate, know what it takes to be successful and to be the best at something. And so it’s really interesting how to transfer that to other aspects of my life,” Williams said. “With VC (venture capital), I know I need a really good team.

I need to work X amount of hours to do these deals. I need to just kind of understand, like, what is the formula? You know? Does the formula that I’ve done in tennis work with what I do here? And typically it does.”

. This week, Williams suffered a first round defeat to Emma Raducanu in the Cincinnati first round. Now, there is only one tournament left on Williams’ schedule – the US Open, which starts on August 29.

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