Ashleigh Barty officially a wife, ties knot with long-time partner

Former three-time Grand Slam champion Ashleigh Barty has tied the knot with her long-time partner Garry Kissick. According to The Daily Mail, Barty and Kissick held a private ceremony earlier this month.

Kissick works at Brooklands Golf Club as he and Barty met there in 2016.

The two have been together since Kissick proposed Barty in late 2021. When Barty met her husband for the first time, he didn’t really know much about tennis. But Kissick did his best to understand how tennis and the WTA Tour worked.

“He’s extremely patient with me, and when we met he didn’t know a lot about tennis,” Barty told Vogue. “He’s kind of been thrown in the very deep end in understanding what the tour is like and how much we’re apart.

[But] he’s the best person to have around in the sense of switching off from tennis and being able to bring the fun and laughter. I certainly wouldn’t want to share this journey with anyone else.”

Barty and her husband love golf

In late March, Barty announced a shock retirement from tennis.

Barty is known as a big sports fan as she is also passionate about golf, Australian football and cricket. In a recent interview with Sky Sports, Barty was asked whether there’s a chance of seeing her pursue a professional golf career.

“You never have that answer,” Barty told Sky Sports. “I love the sport, it has been a hobby of mine for a long time, but I don’t know if I will ever be fully committed to going out on the range and doing the required practice and the discipline, but I love the sports.”

Barty started this season with an 11-0 record and with back-to-back titles at the Adelaide International and Australian Open. Two months later, Barty shocked the tennis world when she retired from the game at the age of 25, while holding the top spot.

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