2022 Fantasy Football rankings: Kicker tiers and DST tiers from Dave Richard


In the simplest terms, the rationale behind drafting any player is hoping he out-produces everyone else available at that time. This is true whether you’re choosing the first overall pick or the fourth pick in Round 9 or the last pick in the draft. Why else would you take a player?

The only reasonable answer to that question: Because you need to fill specific positions in your weekly lineup. But even when you’re choosing based on roster needs, the same rationale applies: When you pick a player, you’re hoping he out-produces everyone else available from that position at that time.

But that’s something you already could have figured out. What you might not have thought through is how you feel about each position. How much will you stress running backs? Is this the year you’re going to target receivers early? Or are you going to zag while the rest of your league zigs and lock down a tight end and a quarterback before anyone else? And can you rationalize to yourself the answers to these questions?

Look, Fantasy is supposed to be fun. This should be a fun thought exercise and not something that keeps you up at night. Besides, you need your beauty sleep. Read along and think about these strategies and how they align with what you think is best on Draft Day.

And don’t forget to know exactly what the rules of your league are and how many players you can start. The strategies you’ll map out in a 10-team league with one flex are a lot different than a 12-team Superflex with three receivers or a 14-team tiered-PPR with team RBs and four flex dyno-multipliers.

I just made that last one up, but it sounds fun!

Kicker and DST tiers (updated 8/19)

Third-to-last round

Rams DST
49ers DST

Second-to-last round

Justin Tucker
DST Bills
Packers DST
DST Eagles
Harrison Butker
Tyler Bass
Ravens DST
DST Buccaneers
DST Browns
DST Saints

Last round

DST Broncos
Greg Joseph
Chargers DST
Steelers DST
Younghoe Koo
Evan McPherson
Dustin Hopkins
Rodrigo Blankenship
Daniel Carlson
Robbie Gould
Matt Gay
Jake Elliott

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