Top 10 classes for 2023

Twenty-eight of the top-50 prospects in the Class of 2023 are off the board. We are definitely starting to get a glimpse of the types of classes certain teams want to build. There are plenty of different approaches to recruiting in the transfer portal era. Each plan is a little different for each team just depending on the current roster construction and their feel of who could be in the mix for the years to come.

Some programs are opting to be very selective with high school recruiting so that they have enough open scholarships to be very aggressive when proven, older players are available in the transfer portal. But other teams have the opposite approach, and they are being very aggressive on the recruiting trail due to how crazy the transfer portal can be.

It’s a fascinating dynamic to monitor, and there’s no one correct way to do things. Every approach has to be tailored to the expectations and roster of the specific program.

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A lot of big decisions will be made soon, which will shake up the rankings, but here are the current top 10 teams in the Class of 2023 recruiting rankings after a wave of summer commitments:

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