Bubba Wallace Reveals His Retirement Plans at Michael Jordan & Denny Hamlin’s NASCAR Team Amidst Contract Extension

The fact that 23XI Racing renewed the contract of Bubba Wallace despite him, realistically, not being able to fulfill the huge expectations that came from driving in a team owned by Michael Jordan and Denny Hamlin, is in itself a big gesture of faith.

And from Wallace’s side, the reciprocity of that faith is his commitment, the long-term commitment that could go, well, a long, long way.

Speaking after the announcement of his renewal, the #23 driver opened up on the mutual commitment between him and his team.


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“I want to make this a super-long-term deal. I’d love to retire here — hopefully retirement’s not until like 10, 15 years down the road — but that was my goal from day one,” he said.

Wallace described how 2022 has been, in his opinion, his best year so far in the Cup Series, one in which they’ve continuously made strides to improve and get better.

“I’ve definitely enjoyed the time and glad that we can keep it going,” he added.

Bubba Wallace wants to do justice to Denny Hamlin and Michael Jordan’s mindset

Bubba Wallace emphasized how “cool” it is so to see their progression week after week, which is something he believes is also reflected in the mindset of his two bosses.

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“I think that’s Denny’s mindset. He wants to have the best drivers as soon as possible and making this team grow as fast as possible. And MJ is right there, too,” he said.


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“Obviously, we know the competitive side of both people there, and it’s a good spot to be, and I’m proud to be a part of it because I feel like I’m just as competitive as those guys.”

The #23 driver furthered his confidence in his team as he described how whenever they head into a race weekend, they act as one team, that it is what their philosophy is at 23XI Racing.


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Now whether this philosophy, this faith, and this sense of good vibes translate into results, race wins, and being competitive at the highest level, that’s only something time will tell.

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