Who Is Patrick Reed’s Wife? All About Justine Reed

Whether he’s hitting the green or attending an event, Patrick Reed always has the support of his wife Justine Reed.

The couple first connected when the pro golfer was a freshman at the University of Georgia, but didn’t actually start dating until years later.

The two went on to tie the knot in December 2012, and since then, Justine has been by Patrick’s side for several career milestones. In fact, in his early career, Justine even served as his full-time caddy.

After two years of marriage, the couple welcomed their first child together in 2014 and later welcomed their second child in 2017.

From her athletic background to how her romance with Patrick began, here’s everything to know about the pro golfer’s wife.

She and Patrick Reed have known each other since college

In an interview with Golf Digest, Patrick revealed that he first connected with Justine when he was a freshman at the University of Georgia — although he wasn’t pursuing Justine at the time. He actually went on a date with Justine’s younger sister Kris, who was visiting from LSU. When he didn’t hear back from her after their date, he reached out to Justine on Facebook.

“I texted [Kris] to confirm she’d made it back home safe. No response. So I reached out to Justine on Facebook, who confirmed her sister was back and got frank with me about why it was probably not going to work out,” he told the publication. “So I started talking with Justine, who I discovered is this incredibly driven person who was pursuing dual degrees while working to become a nurse. We kept talking as a couple of years went by; then we started dating. Best decision of my life.”

The couple got married at 22 over the objections of his parents, who felt they were too young to tie the knot. (They have been estranged from his family since.)

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She was once Patrick Reed’s caddy

After meeting and falling for Patrick, Justine put her career as a nurse on hold as he pursued a career in golf. Patrick told Golf Digest that their early days together were “rough” as they drove across the country for various tours.

“With her caddying, we went six for eight in PGA Tour Mondays that year. For her to put her dreams aside to support me, I’ll never forget that. Someday I hope to be half the person she is,” he said.

When Justine became pregnant with their first child, she retired as his official caddy, with her brother Kessler Karain taking over full-time.

She and Patrick Reed have two children together

Patrick and Justine have two children together, a daughter named Windsor Wells born on May 22, 2014, and a son named Barrett Benjamin born on Dec. 6, 2017. Patrick has given several glimpses of their family on social media, and their daughter was even by Patrick’s side when he won the Barclays in 2016.

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She’s very athletic

While Justine has a background as a nurse, she’s just as athletic as her husband. In addition to playing golf in high school, she was also “a standout swimmer and soccer player” in her hometown of Houston, Texas, per Golf.com.

She’s not active on social media

While Patrick offers occasional glimpses of his family on his Instagram and Twitter, Justine does not appear to have any active personal social media profiles.

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