Inside Justin Thomas’ new ultra-custom Scotty Cameron putter

Thus, the 34-inch Scotty Cameron T5 Proto “JT” custom mallet putter was born, and on his first day seeing the new putter, he used it.

“It just got shipped in this morning,” Page said Tuesday about the new JT-logoed putter. “It actually started back at the Genesis in February. Just going over with Justin, his dad, and his putting coach John Graham, his setup positions, what was comfortable and what was not, and just trying to get him into a better and more consistent position so that he can repeat the stroke that he’s looking for.

“We actually shipped a couple of putters that week; at the time, he was using his gamer that he won 13 events with: the (Scotty Cameron) Phantom 5.5. So we had shipped those in, one at a half-inch shorter than his gamer, so 34 inches, and one an inch short at 33.5. He was just trying to tinker and test what was good and what wasn’t. He wasn’t ready to make a change that week.

“After that, he putted well, almost like he scared the gamer and put it on the back burner. He revisited it a couple months later, and worked with it on his gamer, and ended up switching into the Phantom 5 knuckle-neck that he won the PGA Championship with. And still we were trying to find something that was comfortable in his setup, going through putting videos, and really trying to level out his shoulders, let his arms hang more comfortably, and help his eye line when he’s looking down at his putter.

“Once he won the PGA Championship, and that was the gamer, we wanted to revisit it at a shorter length, and he got it this week. It’s his first day with it, and we’ll see if it goes in play.”

Is this a ploy to scare his PGA Championship-winning putter into performing better? Or is he actually going to make the switch?

That answer will come on Thursday when he officially tees it up in competition.

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