‘I Was Dating Derek Jeter, and Tiger [Woods] Was Sleeping Over..’- When Yankees Legend Derek Jeter’s Ex-girlfriend Revisited First Meeting With Tiger Woods Prior to Their Highly-Publicized Affair

Instead of finding a love story, Rachel Uchitel became a part of one of the biggest scandals. All this happened because she chose to be in a relationship with one of the biggest sporting faces.

Rachel Uchitel is an American hostess and a nightclub manager who first came into the limelight when her photo with her fiance went viral. Her fiance died in the 9/11 attacks, and while grieving, she left Manhattan.


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Derek Jeter was the reason they met

Any person who is a baseball fan knows about Derek Jeter and his name in the headlines. Mostly the story is about the Hall of Famer, but somehow, Jeter’s name comes up in the headlines.

Tiger Woods hitting a tee shot at the PGA Championship | Courtesy: Reuters Images

This time, it was because he was the reason Rachel Uchitel, and the legendary golfer, Tiger Woods, met. Jeter and Rachel dated for a short time in 2008, and Jeter and Woods were friends.

Rachel in a podcast said, “I was dating Derek Jeter, and Tiger was sleeping over at Derek’s house, and so he was the guest in the guest bedroom, and he was just a buddy. And I remember he was, we were opening up Derek’s window, and he was smoking a cigar out the window or something, and we just became friendly. And so that’s how I originally met him.”

Rachel and Woods dated in 2009, while Woods was still married to Elin Nordegren. Apparently, Woods has dated multiple women while still being married, but Rachel’s face was the one that created headlines. After the affair came out, Rachel signed an NDA, which she later broke.

Reportedly, she was promised a hefty sum while signing the NDA, but she never got what she was owed, which later became the reason for her breaking the NDA. Also, for breaking the non-disclosure, Woods sued Rachel.

The Hall of Famer was linked to multiple women

The New York Yankees legend, Derek Jeter’s relationship with Tiger Woods, came as a little surprise for everyone. They both were proven winners and two of the most marketable athletes under contract with Nike.


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Jeter won 5 World Series titles and got inducted into the Hall of Fame, whereas Tiger has won 15 major championships.

Aside from his career, Derek Jeter’s name has been associated with multiple women. However, most of them were only rumoured, because no proof has ever surfaced. He has always tried and partially succeeded in keeping his personal life private.


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His name is now forever linked to his wife, Hannah Davis, and together they are proud parents of three beautiful little girls, and reportedly the Yankees legend also gets his nails painted by his daughters.

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