Bryson DeChambeau is in doubt for Augusta

Once again, Bryson DeChambeau is at the center of a discussion regarding the Masters Tournament. However, before telling you what happened, there is a premise, linked to the fact that the US is now a LIV man. The Augusta National is now, even if distant in time, the next appointment with a Major and, consequently, with the age-old question of participation in the tournament by LIV Golf players.

This year’s edition was only touched by controversy, as it took place before the Saudi Super League kicked off. The perception of the coming storm was very weak, linked to the absence of Phil Mickelson, on whose motivation the Augusta Board was anything but transparent.

But at the next appointment everything will be different.

Bryson DeChambeau, Augusta

The PGA Tour and the USGA, in a decisive and clear way, and the DP World Tour and the R&A, in a slightly more mild way, have taken a position on the Majors of their competence.

But the Masters Tournament is managed in full autonomy by the Augusta National Board, which has not yet taken a clear position on the admission of LIV players to the tournament. A necessary reflection, considering that, to date, Greg Norman’s League can boast 6 Green Jackets among its ranks (the sixth arrived today, with the signing of Bubba Watson).

But let’s go back to the Modesto bomber. We know that Bryson DeChambeau, with a good dose of bravado, motivating the thought of him with the evolution of his game, in 2021 “downgraded” the Augusta National to a potential par 67.

With the result of achieving its two worst performances: T46 in 2021 and missed cut this year. But there is more. As reported by Bunkered, it emerged that DeChambeau also wanted to explain the Augusta greens to Ben Crenshaw.

Small details. Ben Crenshaw, who is known to be one of the greatest whores in history, of Green Jackets has won two, against the zero of DeChambeau. And here, with a very direct tweet, Crenshaw’s wife, Julie, does not send them to tell Bryson: “..

you wanted to explain how you play the greens of Augusta” “He was kind enough to listen to your s ……. and” “Ben won two Green Jackets, you none” “Maybe it’s you who should listen the most , but on the other hand your tee times in Augusta are numbered”

Dear Mrs. Crenshaw, what do you know that we don’t know? Did Augusta National decide on the fate of LIV players without sharing the decisions made? Answers are urgently needed, as soon as possible.

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