‘Weightlifting in weightlessness’: Astronaut on board ISS shares how they exercise in space

It is always interesting to learn how astronauts live in space, what they do in zero gravity and how it affects their daily activities. If you have ever wondered how astronauts exercise in space, this video posted by Samantha Cristoforetti, a European Space Agency astronaut living at the International Space Station (ISS), is for you.

The Italian took to Twitter on Wednesday to share a video showing her exercising and lifting weights at the ISS. She showed a machine called the Advanced Resistive Exercise Device that allows astronauts to do muscle-strengthening workouts. “Yes, we can do weightlifting in weightlessness,” she says in the video.

Cristoforetti shared how astronauts do a kind of squat, some form of deadlift and several pressing and lifting exercises. She further said that they have to exercise several hours a day to maintain their bone density. Cristoforetti added that when she is not in space too, she aims to exercise and lift weights every day to maintain strong muscles and bones.

“Weightlifting in weightlessness. Load-bearing exercises in space and on Earth help us maintain bone density and strong muscels (sic) – lift, push, build strong bones!” she captioned the video.

Watch the video below:

Since being posted, the video has received more than 39,000 views and over 1,200 likes. “Weightlifting in weightlessness in space and on earth is helpful in maintaining our bones density. Thanks for the piece of information from Space to ground and have an amazing #spacetime there!” commented a Twitter user. “Thanks for this information,” posted another.


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