Aquarius to Pisces, Zodiac signs who look for a sign from the universe to tell them they are in love

When we fall in love, some of us know it right away because they experienced love at first sight. But there are those who do not trust in their partners so easily. Some rely on their families to intervene, while others look for divine intervention to tell them that they have found the one for them. From Aquarius to Pisces, these Zodiac signs look for a sign from the universe to tell them they are in love.


A Pisces is fairly practical, but even this water sign does not rely on their own judgment nor their family’s opinion. This is mainly because Pisces likes to know that there is higher power that is invested in their future. Therefore, this zodiac sign hopes for a sign or symbol that will tell them that it is meant to when they meet someone they simply adore. They like to believe in destiny and hope that things are written in the stars.


For some people, falling in love is a miraculous occurrence, yet others like Aquarius take a great deal of caution before they accept the intensity of their feelings for someone. No matter how reliable their boyfriend or love match has proven themselves to be, Aquarius does not confess their love for the person. They simply await a random act of providence that tells them they have found their soulmate.


Love and trust do not go hand in hand for some people. As even after having a steady relationship over a long period of time, a Leo does not inherently trust their boyfriend or girlfriend. Many times, a lion looks to the heavens for the sign that they have met their match. This could be anything from a dream that tells them it’s the one; to a case of serendipity that compels them to believe that they are in love.

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Disclaimer: While these attributes are generic, these are focused on your zodiacal qualities; all the above traits may not certainly hold true for you.

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