Sara Quin Baby? Tegan and Sara Star Shares “My #Crybaby” Pic

Beloved lesbian pop duo Tegan and Sara recently released tour news and two singles from their forthcoming LP, Crybaby. I’ve only listened to “Yellow” so far, but it’s pretty great! Like my sweet heart breaks, so be careful / my sweet heart sings out like the devil. It’s all about how bruises heal (black to yellow) and we’ll always be kids somehow but also maybe we don’t have to live the same traumas over and over. Their tour will kick off this fall. It’s pretty amazing they’ve been able to put together a whole new album and plan a whole concert during this pandemic. ESPECIALLY BECAUSE SARA QUIN WAS GETTING A BABY THE WHOLE ENTIRE TIME! Yeah, that’s right: Sara Quin just dropped a photo of her holding a tiny little baby with the caption My #crybaby 🍦. It’s hers! Her own personal baby!

I don’t know much about babies or motherhood, but from what I can tell, this baby is perfect and is wearing a pair of corduroy lumberjack pants with feetsies in them and a soft grey Henley. Very Canadian! Probably there’s a little beaver on the front or the Tim Horton’s logo, and their little hockey stick is right off camera. I also feel confident this baby came out singing poignant synth-pop ballads and absolutely not crying, so. What else? I’ve never written a coming out post about a baby before. Baby’s head looks very soft, like goose dander. And they’ve been spitting up, I think, because there’s a towel on Sara’s shoulder. Which means they’ve also been eating! Which is good! Nice one, little buddy!

Sara Quin is also, of course, famously the mother of cats Holiday and Mickey, who one time dressed as Donnie Darko skeletons for Halloween and also each own at least one (1) Alexander McQueen suit. They didn’t like each other at first, lots of hissing, but then they became the best of friends. Perhaps, if this new baby is very good and lucky, they will be able to share Holiday and Mickey’s boxes and sunbeams!

Remember, Baby: If it fits, you sits (when you can hold your head up on your own)! Congratulations, Sara Quin and big siblings Holiday and Mickey!

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