The Wager: Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio to Reunite for a Seventh Time

Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio are reuniting for their seventh movie together as the director and star of The Wager — a naval survival drama set up at Apple.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Scorsese and DiCaprio have already lined up their next collaboration to follow Apple’s Killers of the Flower Moon. Hot on the heels of that production, the duo are going to team up to tackle an adaptation of David Grann’s upcoming nonfiction book, The Wager: A Tale of Shipwreck, Mutiny, and Murder, which is not expected to hit shelves until April next year .

Set in the 1740s, Wager’s story follows the surviving crew of a British ship that crashes on the coast of Brazil following the pursuit of a Spanish vessel. The captain and his crew spend the next six months struggling to survive on the desolate island, by which time a second ship arrives on the coast of Chile, holding three sailors who accuse the men on the other boat of being mutineers.

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