Hilarious Pokemon Fan Art Combines Lugia and Waluigi

A creative Pokemon enthusiast creates interesting fan art by combining Lugia with Waluigi from the Mario franchise, and gets praised by the community.

As one of the most well-known franchises ever, Pokémon has one of the largest fan bases for movies, video games, and television shows. The introduction of games like Pokemon Legends: Arceus, Pokemon GO, Pokemon Red and Blueand others demonstrate Pokémon‘s enormous influence in the gaming industry. As a result, it is not surprising that Pokemon fans are eagerly awaiting Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. As the game is nearing its release, the internet is being flooded with leaks regarding new pocket monsters and various Pokémon fanart.


Pokémon enthusiasts are known for being extremely creative and have inundated the internet with original works of fan art. Although digital art predominates, many art enthusiasts also produce physical works of art, including sketches, paintings, and action figures. Many fans enjoy combining their favorite pocket monsters in their works of art. Not long ago, a fan combined Whimsicott and Cyndaquill in a piece of digital art. Lately, a fan has mixed their favorite pocket monster with a character from the Mario franchise to produce an incredible work of art.

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Reddit user RoosterBark has shared an image featuring the combination of Pokémon Lugia and Waluigi from the Mario franchise Lugia, also known as the “Diving Pokemon,” is a Psychic/Flying-type Pokemon first introduced in Gen 2 of the series, while Waluigi is one of Mario’s rivals, which was first introduced in Mario Tennis in 2000. The original post has been captioned “WAAAA-Lugia!” and has garnered a lot of attention from the Pokémon community on Reddit.

The creature’s body in the creation is inspired by Lugia, and its clothing style is mainly inspired by Waluigi. The creature even has a tail and also has Lugia’s eyes. Though the clothing style has been inspired by Waluigi, the outfit’s colors resemble Lugia’s original colors.

The post has received more than 8k upvotes and numerous comments in less than 12 hours. The comments section is filled with comments from Pokémon fans praising the original poster’s imagination and art skills. Many fans described the creation as perfect, and one fan even suggested that this creation should be hung in a museum. Impressed fans even started to suggest names for the creature, names like Walugia and Wallelugiah were mentioned. Some fans even believe that the creation resembles Hariyama.

Although it may be difficult for some players to believe, the next generation of Pokemon games is only a little more than three months away. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, the first installations of Generation 9, will be released in November. The game’s third trailer was released recently and confirmed new details of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. As the anticipation of the latest title grows, more Pokémon fan art is expected to be published by the fans of the famed game series.

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